Just some of my favorite podcasts I like to listen to when I take my walks.  You can access these through phone and the computer (often transcripts are available on the computer).


A variety of topics, directed at practitioners involved in functional/integrative medicine (business-related, stories about other practitioners, etc).


Hosted by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, geared towards practitioners.

Simply put: Food as Medicine.


Focus on lifestyle medicine.  Dr. Chatterjee was the first to "prove" that functional medicine can reverse T2DM on TV (host of Doctor in the House in the UK).

Cover a lot of topics, in detail.  Good for both practitioners and curious patients.


Dr. Ruscio is very articulate with his words, and focuses on reviewing the evidence found in literature.  Very practical and cost-effective in his approach.  He also has a monthly subscription for practitioners, that highlights cases and latest research, as well as a new book out called Healthy Gut Healthy You.


Dr. Aviva Romm started off as in alternative modalities (e.g. herbalism) before going to medical school in her 30's.  Good guidance on various topics.


Hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman, focused on emphasizing the impact of living healthy on our culture/environment/etc, beyond the personal level.

Also interview-style, focused on patient stories and insights on living with autoimmune conditions.


Detailed (i.e. have a notebook on hand to take notes!) interviews with practitioners that are experts in a variety of environmental medicine fields (Lyme, mycotoxin illness, etc).