The Science of Reversing Alzheimer’s

"Betty" was 65 years old when she was diagnosed with progressive memory loss. Two years later, her condition had progressed to the point of unemployment, she wasn’t eligible for long term care insurance, and was told by her family physician that there wasn't anything to do to stop the deterioration of her mind. Her mother […]... Read More

Teaching vs Treating

When we go to the health care clinic, we expect to leave with a cause of our illness (aka diagnosis) and a treatment to feel better.  But there should be one more thing you get from your doctor - education. In functional medicine, the focus is on teaching patients how to obtain/maintain optimal health (versus […]... Read More

Using Supplements in America

Are you one of the millions of Americans that take a "supplement" every day?  According to a recent 2016 survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, over 170 million Americans (52% of the population) use a supplement.  Why?  The three main reasons cited by survey participants were: Overall health/wellness Energy Fill in nutritional gaps […]... Read More