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Difference between functional medicine and mainstream medicine

I'm often asked the difference between functional and mainstream/conventional medicine.  I can repeat the typical definition of functional medicine (find the root cause, systems-based, etc), but I don't think this really gets the point across.  Instead, I like to look at it from 3 different perspectives or mindsets. These are generalized, maybe stereotypical, but I […]... Read More

The Art of Functional Medicine: 5 Things To Avoid as a Functional Medicine Provider

Functional medicine, a practice that involves looking for and treating the causes of symptoms (rather than just treating the symptoms), is a type of integrative medicine that was developed in the early 1990s.  The interest and use of this type of approach is exponentially increasing, largely driven by the number of patients that are experiencing […]... Read More

Using Supplements in America

Are you one of the millions of Americans that take a "supplement" every day?  According to a recent 2016 survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, over 170 million Americans (52% of the population) use a supplement.  Why?  The three main reasons cited by survey participants were: Overall health/wellness Energy Fill in nutritional gaps […]... Read More

10 Red Flags of a “Bad” Functional Medicine Practice

Functional and integrative medicine is increasing in popularity amongst both patients and practitioners.  Unfortunately, there are no "degrees," no overseeing national "board," or no rules for who can call themselves a functional medicine practitioner.  This makes it difficult for patients who are seeking good care, and for functional medicine practitioners that are practicing "real" functional […]... Read More

Insurance and Functional Medicine

Why doesn't insurance cover functional medicine?Insurance is intended for covering emergencies.  Our car insurance doesn't cover gas or repairs, right?  Our home insurance doesn't cover utilities or improvements, right?  Health insurance is intended to be the same.  Functional medicine treats chronic conditions.  Insurance covers acute conditions.Insurance has support from pharmaceutical companies.  Functional medicine does not.Insurance reimburses well for procedures.  Functional medicine is […]... Read More