Message from the founder, Meg McElroy MS, PA-C:

"I am a PA.  This stands for Physician Assistant, but for me, it also stands for "Patient/Practitioner Advocate".

I created this website with a primary focus on increasing integrative/functional medicine support to colleagues, from those that are interested but haven't made the leap, to those that are fully integrated into an integrative practice.  Please visit www.collaborativemed.com for information about my clinic.

When I'm in clinic, I become a personal investigator, helping patients find answers to their health concerns via the use of advanced laboratory testing in combination with my knowledge of treatments (i.e. supplements, herbs, how particular components in food affect health, etc).

I currently practice functional medicine through The Center for Collaborative Medicine, a clinic I co-own with Dr. Ron Manzanero.  Prior to starting my own clinic, I worked with Dr. Ann Shippy, where the majority of patients that I saw had chronic inflammatory conditions that require "advanced" evaluation and interventions.  These conditions included MCAS, mycotoxin-induced illness, CIRS, chronic immune imbalances, progressive dementia, and more.  I still treat these conditions, but I don't believe in over-treating with dozens of supplements (many of which patients truly cannot absorb or utilize when in a chronic inflammatory state) and I don't believe "more testing" will result in better outcomes.  Unfortunately, most clinicians forget that testing is not perfect, and often yields false positives or false negatives.  The test results tend to perpetuate a cycle of stress, and inhibit improvement of health and well-being.  It was at Dr. Shippy's clinic that I saw that more is not usually better in the world of functional/integrative medicine.  The patients that truly improved and stayed well were the ones that focused on simple interventions and less supplements/testing.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the content I've put together on this site!"